A face treatment or mask has the ability to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish to promote clear, well-hydrated looking skin. We have a wide range of facial treatments and masks that will suit your specific skin type. Our skin care treatments are designed to promote natural looking, refreshed and rejuvenated skin.



Services Available:

Normal Facial 

A Traditional facial that suits any skin type, it will help clean your pores and skin. Leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean 

Vitamin C Facial 

This Facial is the combination of plant stem cells and Vitamin C.The purpose of this facial is to deeply renews the skin, enhancing firmness and elasticity, brightening the complexion and helping to remove dark spots. This Facial has a anti-wrinkle effect and also helps to prevent skin ageing. 

Hydrated skin Facial  

This facial intensely moisturizes the skin and improves the elasticity in the skin. It also protects the skin from the harmful effects of negative environments and reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the face. Recommended for dry skin 

Whitening Facial 

In this Facial we use products containing the essences of Plant stem cells, which brings vital energy that lightens into skin . It also contains a powerful regenerating compound that eliminates the skin damage caused by sun rays and air pollution.   It also reduces dark spots, small skin imperfections, thoroughly regenerating skin tissues and fostering the forming of new, brighter and much more elastic skin.   

Anti Wrinkle treatment Facial 

In this Facial we use products that contain extracts of Plant stem cells together with biological substances that fill up and smoothen wrinkles.  It also revitalizes and stimulates the skin, making even the deeper wrinkles less visible, and protecting the skin from aging. After this facial the skin will have more elasticity and appears younger 


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