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Gorgeous hair is a pride for every woman. We provide most valuable beautification tips and services to beautify the different hair type of our clients, who believe in the dedication and integrity of our service. We are offering a bunch of hair styles and service stated below:

Our Curling - Straightening Iron service can give your curly or straightened hair through a comfortable process within a few hours. The hair-washing will clean-up your hair and the massage will give you amazing comfort.

Our Hair Triming service can remove the visual imbalance among your hairs through efficient trimming of the long hairs. This will make your hair-style more attractive.

You can enjoy our Tasriha Hair Makeover service to change your look. Our hair-experts are ready to advice you choose the best style for you.

Our Tasriha Hair Style service is a wonderful offer for the beauty loving ladies. It will make your hair-style not only unique; but also gorgeous.

If you want to have a nice Fringe Cut hair style, then we are offering this service with lots of options in hair color, length or style. No matter whether you have curly or straight hair fringe cut will make you look gorgeous.

Through our full color service, we can bring marvelous, lustrous look in your hair applying a variety of natural-looking colors or shades that are widely appreciated in the latest trend.

Our Roots Color services will screen the first hints of the hair aging process and give you confidence to face the world.

You can take our Highlights (Roots) service and choose any natural-looking colors or shades to make your hair more attractive.

You can also get some of your hair colored using our Highlights (Full) service. We assure that the color/shade along with the rest of the hair will create a fantastic look.

Our Hair Wash service will efficiently wash out the dirt and dead cells from your hair and head skin. It will keep your hair clean, hygienic and healthy.

If you want to make your hair smooth and friz, then take our Brazilian Blowout Treatment. It will also improve the hair-health.

Our Moisturizing Hair Mask service will remove the over dryness of your hair through repairmen of the hair-cells and bring a natural glossy appearance in your hair that will keep your hair healthy and reduce abnormal hair-fall.

You can also enjoy our Kadus Hair Mask service. The message will not only give you heavenly comfort but also repair the hair, help in maintaining a style or control the frizziness of curly hair.

If you are facing hail fall problem for any reason and want to have long hair, then you can take our Hair Extension service. You might choose original human hair or artificial hair; both will make you look fantastic.

For your momentous events, like, wedding day, engagement day or any other big party, we are offering diverse gorgeous and fantastic Up Style service at a reasonable price structure



Hair Services:

Blow dry

Curling - Straightening iron

Hair cut

Hair Cut Styling

Fringe cut

Roots colour

Full colour

Highlights (Roots)

Full Highlights

Hair Wash

Keratin Hair Treatment

Hair Mask Normal (Moisturizing)

Hair Mask Special (Moisturizing & Repairing)

Hair Extensions

General Hair Style (Any General hairstyle or up style)

Tasriha Hair Style (Occasion hairstyles, accessories included


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