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We the women do more or less makeup every day before travelling outside home-boundary. The choice and necessity of makeup varies from woman to woman. According to the situation, destination place and objective of travelling, the style of makeup varies. We are offering a bundle of makeup options responding to the different type needs for makeup. Our makeup offers include:

If you want to attain a party with a celebrity look, then you can enjoy our Hollywood Glow makeup service. It doesn’t matter whether you have curly, straight, long or short hair. All hair style can be transformed to a lustrous Hollywood Glow style. We promise you to bring a gorgeous look in your face, which you have always seen in the face of the celebrities. Taking our service, you can make yourself look like your favorite Hollywood star. Is n’t it amazing?

Before attaining a party, every woman wants herself to adorn in such a way that every guest will be amused. We are offering Glamor Makeup service to make your party-look more fantastic. Our makeup-experts are ready to advice you about the most suitable style for you matching to your party-ware.

Who doesn’t want to be looked pretty in a photograph? If the photographs are taken in a family party, official party or others, then the significance of appearing with a fantastic look is beyond description. To respond to these needs, we are offering the photography makeup service. Our photography makeup will make you look more beautiful in your captured moments. Considering the probable lighting-effect on your face, our-experts will advice you in choosing the makeup style that will express your natural beauty.

The engagement day is memorable for every woman. It is the day, when you not only need to look beautiful, but also need to be confident. Our Engagement Makeup service is ready to make you look attractive and heavenly stunning that will strengthen your confidence. Our-experts will advice you in choosing the makeup style and products complying with your engagement-ware, physical structure, hair type, weather, etc.

Wedding day is the most fantastic and significant day that every woman dreams for. In the big day, each woman wants to be looked more beautiful than any other woman present in the party. To make your big day memorable with divinely attractive appearance, we are offering Bridal Makeup service. Our-experts will guide you in choosing the makeup style complying with your personal choice, wedding ware, physical structure, hair type, weather, etc.

Services Available:

Eye Makeup (No Eyelashes)

Eye Makeup (With Eyelashes)

Full Makeup (No Eyelashes)

Full Makeup (With Eyelashes)

Special Makeup (Full Makeup for Occasions)

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