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Bath is always refreshing for our mind and health. In our salon we are offering Moroccan Bath service that will give our customers heavenly comfort. The Moroccan bathing service varies in styles & settings. In our salon, we are providing several types of bath services. They are:

Traditional Bath provides a profound feeling of well-being, purity and lightness. We maintain the highest level of standard to make our customers enjoy this soothing bathing experience. In this bath deep exfoliation is performed from head to toe. This bath has diversified positive impacts on the skin. It balances the oil secretion-level in the body-skin and removes acne. Moreover, it refines, softens and whitens the skin texture by exfoliating layers of dead skin. Furthermore, this bathing service improves the blood circulation and rehydrates the skin. Additionally, it removes reddish patches & flakiness by enhancing elasticity of skin leading to anti-aging impact.

We offer Herbal Bath service for our clients, who prefer natural care and remedy for their body skin. In this process, we apply a conventional Moroccan blend of natural herbs, henna & black soap to make the skin prepared for exfoliation. We also apply Rhassoul –organic cosmetic clay enriched with natural minerals, like, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron and Potassium – in the bathing process to create healing & soothing effects on the body skin. In this process the skin-toxins will be removed that will give our clients a heavenly feelings of purification.

We offer Body Scrub Bath maintaining the highest standard. Our expert therapist executes this special body treatment with great care. This service will exfoliate and hydrate your body skin. After taking this service, your skin will be smoother and softer. In this service, abrasive materials are used as key ingredient, such as, sugar, rice bran, pecan hulls, salt, green sea salt, coffee grounds, etc. The key ingredient is amalgamated with a combination of massage oil and aromatic oil. Among the variety of options offered in our salon, you can choose your favorite one. The process ends with taking a shower and applying body lotion.

We offer Mud Bath service for it’s wide ranging effectiveness. Mud is used for it’s healing and mineral enriched properties, including zinc, clay, magnesium, peat moss, sulfur, mineral water, volcanic ash, etc. These ingredients containing anti-inflammatory property heal and lessen inflammation of body-skin & joints. Moreover, you will have great fun and heavenly comfort to dip your body-parts in mud.

We also offer Dead Sea Mud Bath service. The materials and ingredients applied in this service contain a higher amount of substantial minerals & substances extracted from the Dead Sea Mud, such as, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, bromine & some other vital minerals. This service provide stimulating, detoxifying & relaxing health-treatment; as they cooperatively fight against diverse health-problems, such as, aching joints, eczema, stress, arthritis, rheumatism, tissue inflammation, acne, psoriasis, muscle spasms, etc. Moreover, this bath contributes in quick recovery from fatigued muscles & injuries as well as enhances blood circulation. 

Services Options:

Normal Bath 

Traditional Moroccan bath where you will be scrubbed with Moroccan olive soap, massaged and spend time relaxing in the Steam.


Mud Bath

In this option there is an added step where a Mud mask will be placed your entire body whilst relaxing in steam room. This Mask helps to reduce stress and pain, it also has the ability to whiten dark skin and spots.


Herbal Bath 

In this option there is an added step where a Mix of Hers will be placed your entire body whilst relaxing in steam room. This mask is relaxing and gives you an overall fresh look and feel.


Dead Sea Mud Bath  

During this Bath we apply a Dead sea mud mask on your entire body. This purifies the body by controlling the excess oils. It also reduces muscular pain and encourages skin biosynthesis by stimulating blood circulation. It is also used for the treatment of skin's disorders such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne. It’s rich with minerals (Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Chlorides) and essential Bio-active elements that rejuvenate and re-balance the skin. It also increases the moisture in the skin and sterilizes the skin. It can be used for all skin types.



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