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We offer the highest quality of waxing service along with proper care to the skin-tissues. Waxing not only makes you look fresh but also more attractive. Our waxing services include:

Our Neck waxing service can make your neck-area look more attractive and beautiful. You can wear trendy low-cut party wears showing your fantastic hair-free neck.

Full Body waxing, this process exfoliates the dead cells from the body-skin that leads to natural cleansing and the skin starts glowing. The most important thing is that waxing removes the hairs from their follicles; whereas, the other chemical hair-removal options remove the top layer only. As a result, waxing prevents the hairs from growing back again quickly. In average for 2-8 weeks, you will enjoy hair free moments. It is amazing that the re-growth hair lines/patches will be slower, finer, lighter and sparser comparing to the status before waxing. In fact, regular waxing results into negligible re-growth of hair.

To provide the women the best feeling, we are offering Full Arms waxing service, as a beautifying treatment to remove the unwanted hair lines/patches on the arms. 

Our Half Legs waxing service is suitable for the career women, who have less time for threading or any other hair removal service after a busy schedule.

Full Legs waxing service is offered for the clients, who love to enjoy the summer holidays with shorts.

Our Bikini Line waxing service is offered for the clients, who love to enjoy leisure time in the sea-beach area and attain beach parties.

We are offering Full Bikini waxing services for the ladies who are going to enjoy their honeymoon, a great date or a beach party. If you are confused about the privacy issue, then we assure that our trained beauticians will perform the waxing procedure with great care maintaining the highest level of privacy for every client.

Our Full Back waxing service carefully removes the hair lines/patches of your back through a painless process. You can enjoy backless wares showing your attractive back.

Our Full Arms & Legs waxing service will facilitate you in enjoying your life in the summer days with shorts.

Services Options:

Full Body

Half Arms

Full Arms

Under Arms

Half Legs

Full Legs

Full Arms & Legs

Bikini Line

Full Bikini

Full Back


Full Face

Upper Lip




Every woman wishes to have flawless skin. However, unwanted hair is the common experience that most of the women face. The lines or patches of hair on eye brow, upper lip, chin or any other places of the face can reduce your attraction more or less up to a level. To remove this unwanted hair lines or patches, we are offering threading service, which is ancient art of hair removal practiced in a modernized version as a natural beauty treatment. Our threading services include:

Our Full Face Threading (not including Eyebrows) service can make your facial appearance more appealing and stunning. It will remove the unwanted hair lines in a gentle, careful and painless method. Our trained beauticians can efficiently apply the thread in your facial skin for extracting the roots of unwanted hair & then removing those. It bears no risk of breaking the facial skin-tissues. It makes the facial muscle rigid that will prevent the facial-skin from being wrinkled & loose in future. It makes the dead skin shedding off quickly. Most Dermatologists prefer Threading as the best-type hair removal method for the sensitive facial skin. However, facial threading technique is the cheapest one, as it is easier and can be done quickly. Moreover, this technique does not need any type expensive chemical ingredients.

Services Options:



Full Face

Eyebrow Bleaching

Full Face Bleaching

Eyebrow Tenting

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